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Summer Yoga Teacher Training & Credit Hours through Online & In-Person Emmersions

Yoga Teacher Training and Credit Hours with Parjan Yoga

Enhance Your Practice with Online or In-Person Yoga Teacher Training

Summer is a season of growth and transformation. As we enter this new season, the call to deepen our understanding of ancient practices resonates stronger than ever. Whether you’re a devoted practitioner or a curious newcomer, the prospect of sharing your passion for yoga as a teacher is a powerful way to merge your journey with the collective consciousness of the yoga community. At our accredited yoga teacher training program, we offer a sacred space for you to explore your unique relationship with yoga. Gain the tools and confidence to guide others on their journeys. Whether you choose to join us online or in person, our summer yoga teacher training will ignite your inner fire and guide you toward fulfilling your dharma as a yoga teacher. 


200-Hour Accredited Yoga Program

A 200-hour program is the first step in becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). 

We invite you to traverse a transformative path toward embodied wisdom. For those called to share the sublime teachings of yoga, we provide comprehensive certification for both online and in-person students. We don’t teach our yogis a formulaic approach to leading yoga classes. We’ll help you cultivate a unique language of yoga that beautifully articulates the body in both asana and pranayama. Our foundational teacher training intertwines yoga with the divine study of poetry, ancient sutras, captivating myths, and sacred chants. At the heart of our cherished Prajna Yoga practice lies a sacred marriage of asana, internal alignment, mindfulness, and graceful flow. 


We honor the profound intricacies of the human form through dedicated anatomical study and structural integration. On this path, you’ll learn to embrace meditation and immerse yourself in the teachings of the “three jewels” — the luminous Buddha, the sacred Dharma, and the vibrant Sangha. It is here, amidst the depths of self-discovery, that a Prajna Yogi takes root, nurturing the seeds of transformation within you.


Are you ready to begin a radiant metamorphosis? Click here to start your journey. 

*Please note that our course availability varies throughout the year and to check our current class schedule here for available dates & times.

Anatomy Yoga Teacher Training - Parjna Yoga


300-500 Hour Accredited Yoga Program 

Our 300-Hour Certification is a bridge program for students who have voyaged through a 200-Hour Certification with another studio. The 500-Hour Certification is for students who have completed their 200-Hour Certification with Prajna. Both paths speak to those aspiring to craft themselves into highly skilled yoga teachers, seeking to weave the threads of their education into a cohesive tapestry.

This transformative journey encompasses Yoga Alliance-endorsed revelations like chakra transformation, the art of healing, silent retreats, and more. These classes are delivered through immersive sessions and in-depth explorations. We have carefully designed each lesson to elevate your practice and enrich your teaching prowess.

Begin the path toward illumination. Click here to apply for a summer certification.  

*Please note that our course availability varies throughout the year and to check our current class schedule here for available dates & times.


Our 200-Hour Program explores the foundational teachings of the yoga practice and weaves together the three primary strands of Prajna Yoga — wisdom, yoga anatomy, and asana.


Yoga Therapy Training

Are you searching for a transformative yoga therapy program to further your knowledge of holistic healing and well-being? Our yoga therapy certification blends the profound wisdom of psychology, the serene practice of mindfulness, the mystical exploration of dreamwork, the gentle touch of cranial-sacral work, and the rejuvenating power of energetic medicine to nurture and heal the intricate web of body and mind.

Embrace the call to embark on an odyssey toward self-discovery and vitality through our Yoga Therapy program. Enroll today. Healing and transformation await you on this sacred path to sharing inner peace and radiant health.


Begin the path to healing. Click here to apply to become a certified yoga therapist. 

*Please note that our course availability varies throughout the year and to check our current class schedule here for available dates & times.


Prajna Yoga is Proud to Be Accredited and Yoga Alliance Certified 

Yoga Alliance accreditation is the global standard for excellence in yoga certification. To be a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) signifies that an individual has met the rigorous standards set forth by Yoga Alliance and achieved Yoga Alliance credits. Prajna Yoga is proud to be a RYS with Yoga Alliance. All credit hours earned at our studio are accredited with Yoga Alliance whether you train online or in person.

Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher Training Hours with Prajna Yoga Yoga Hands - Prajna


We invite you to embrace your calling

Deepen your practice. Expand your consciousness. Share your light with others through yoga teacher training, online or in person. With the guidance of our esteemed leaders and the support of your fellow students, you will discover the power of connecting with your authentic self and sharing it with a collective. We look forward to welcoming you into our community of yogis and guiding you toward a transformative summer of growth and self-discovery. Namaste.

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