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Bring a quality of freshness, innovation and fun to your practice each week with our online classes. Receive constant inspiration for your home practice saving time and money by logging onto our “Maha Zoom Room”. Each class features new SATYA and asana sequences to expand your repertoire, give you ideas for teaching and restore your vitality in an ongoing way.

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Yoga Teacher Certification

Jump in and deepen your knowledge of the practice by taking a variety of training courses with us online. Whether deepening your meditation, diversifying your yoga or learning about the internal art of practice, the online classes open up new doors of understanding. You can join live or take the recordings at your leisure. And the blessing is that you get to return to the material again and again.

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SATYA Training

Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga Attunement, is our somatic training, an amazing embodiment practice that opens the pathways of prana inside while deeply restoring your vitality.

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Yoga Therapy

The alchemy of Prajna Yoga is transformational and healing. We combine training of the mind-heart with structural healing for the fascia, nervous system and circulation. We continuously integrate contemporary research on body-mind integration with the ancient wisdom of yoga and the internal arts.

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Alchemy + Aim