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Prajna Live | Prana and the Lungs | Online Practice

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - The lungs are the most essential organs of a yoga practice responsible for absorbing prana into the body. In this class we elevate, spiral, pump, and expand the lungs using SATYA, asana, and pranayama.

Prajna Yoga at Telluride Yoga Festival

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE - in Telluride CO - Experience an unforgettable weekend of connection and inspiration nestled in the rugged mountains of Telluride. Tias and Surya will both be teaching multiple classes over the festival weekend.

Spinal Longevity | July 6-Class Online Series

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - This month we practice lengthening the spine and filling it with the light of prana. We make the muscles that attach directly to the spine supple while making the vertebral ligaments and discs resilient and buoyant. Join us for all 6 classes this July!

Prajna Live | Stability in the Lumbar | Online Practice

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - There are very strong, strapping muscles that attach directly to the lumbar spine and all too often twisting, shearing or compressive forces pull the lumbar out of true. In this class we balance, fortify and tune the lumbar vertebrae.

Cranial-Sacral Health and Yoga | Immersion in Santa Fe

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE - in Santa Fe - The cranium and pelvis are closely paired in their structure and dynamic function. This immersion explores the vital balance between the polar ends of the spine – the sacrum and skull.

Going to the Next Level: Intermediate Practice | Immersion in Santa Fe

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE - in Santa Fe - In this immersion we dive into sequences that will help deepen and diversify your practice. Each class explores posture combinations that are fun, dynamic and challenging. This is a unique opportunity to receive assistance and personal guidance in order to safely take your practice to the next level.

The Yoga of Vitality and Flow: A Weekend with Tias Little in Boston, MA

TIAS LITTLE - in Boston, MA - Four workshops designed to transform not only on physical levels, but also in the realms of the psyche and the heart. Back Bay Yoga Union welcomes Tias Little this fall for a full weekend of immersive theory, practice and learning. Register for individual workshops, or join for the entire weekend.

SATYA 1 | Online Immersion

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - This training covers the foundational movements of the SATYA practice. This will revitalize your own body by reducing fatigue, building coherence, and integration of all the connective tissues of your body.

SATYA 2 | Online Immersion

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - In SATYA 2, you will learn more complex sequencing, more nuanced variations of movement, and more about the physiological benefits.

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