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Yoga Teacher Certification

Prajna Yoga offers one of the most in-depth, comprehensive, and transformational yoga teacher training programs available today. We provide a rich and varied curriculum that meets the highest standards for the Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) Yoga Alliance certification.

Our Yoga Teacher certification programs, SATYA Training, and Yoga Therapy provide continuing education for teachers and healers on the path. Many of our students are graduates of other programs who come to Prajna Yoga to refine and clarify their understanding of the mind-body connection.

Pathway 1: 200-hour

Begin to Refine

Our 200-Hour Program explores the foundational teachings of the yoga practice and weaves together the three primary strands of Prajna Yoga — wisdom, yoga anatomy, and asana.


Pathway 2: 300/500-hour

Cultivate Insight

This training will hone your teaching skills to become an expert leader in mindfulness meditation, somatic awareness (SATYA) and yoga therapy. Gain the confidence and knowledge to offer creative, multi-faceted classes. Our 300-Hour Program is a “bridge program” for students who have completed a 200-Hour program with another school. Our 500-Hour Program is for students who have completed the Prajna Yoga 200-Hour program.


Pathway 3:

Yoga Therapy

Our Yoga Therapy track weaves together somatic principles with psychology, pain management, subtle body awareness, nutrition, and energetic medicine. Our therapeutic asana includes prop work, pressure point therapy, hands-on adjustments and small, slow myofascial releases in SATYA practice. For unity of body and mind we weave together Insight Meditation, with cranial awareness with Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).


From Our Students

“Prajna Yoga is by far one of the best yoga programs out there. The holistic and humble combination of asana, meditation, chanting, and dharma are great tools for both self-practice and teaching. A very transformative program! Thank you Tias and Surya!”
– Anonymous
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