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Inspirational, informative and thought provoking, our blog includes daily practices, yoga techniques, recipes and reflections on current and ancient trends in yoga.


On the Road to Belonging

Each day we take one, two, ten, a thousand steps closer to our goal of abiding in the simple place of belonging. But it is an elusive trek. So many of us get divided inside, stranded at some crossroads, far from the hearth of home. What comes to mind when we …

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The Hour of Dawn

It is always best to rassle yourself out of bed first thing, stumble your way to your cushion and sit with an upright spine. Begin in the half hour before sun up, when the air is moist with the night’s dewy cover and the skylight is a pearly hue. The dawn …

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Mother’s Day

Today we honor you, dear mother, for your steady resolve, for your selfless sacrifice and able willingness to nourish a child straight from the tributaries of your womb. You who breathes life into the youngest and most impressionable, who holds and cradles each small being and then learns to let …

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Be Present, Be Absent

Today there is lots of talk about being present. You can find Be Present on the side of yoga pants, as a decal on coffee mugs and on the bumper sticker of your neighbor’s car. You could spend hours watching You Tube clips and Ted Talks on how to be …

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Trusting the Way

How do we trust in a life that is inherently unpredictable, one that leads to inevitable suffering and certain death? Trust, or faith in what is, is hard to come by these days. “The state of this country is the worst I’ve ever seen it,” said the woman in Pennsylvania …

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Earth Day Offering

The one source that brings us together, beyond our private preferences and our cultural and political divisions, is the earth we walk on. It is the very source of our living breath, our blood, and the calcium matrix within our bones. This day is a day to celebrate and cherish …

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The Yoga of Relationship

This month Surya and I celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary. Like a yoga practice, a marriage is continuously expanding and contracting, lifting up and weighing down. Being married is something like riding a horse. Sometimes you trot forward and other times stall in place. Living together for many moons, the …

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