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In the Space Between

Poetry Book

New book release by Tias Little



About the Book

Tias In this collection of poems and prose, Tias explores the intersection of language, movement and sensory awareness. After years of reading other poets in class, Tias felt called to craft his own passages to help cast light on the hidden spaces within. These poems and passages bid the listener away from the spell of the surface to the depths of being. Tias’s language inspires new sensations and new pathways of embodiment. Each poem awakens a feeling of belonging inside —they are perfect offerings to be shared during meditation or savasana.

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Meet the Author

Tias Little synthesizes more than 30 years of study in classical yoga, Sanskrit, Buddhism, and poetic language into his dynamic, original style of teaching. Tias earned a master’s degree in Eastern philosophy from St. John’s College in 1998. He is the author of the books Meditations on a Dewdrop, Yoga of the Subtle Body, and Practice is the Path. This is his first book of poetry/ prose. He directs Prajna Yoga and the Healing Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife Surya.

“I remember this feeling from way back whenas a child looking up under the grand maple in my backyard and the feeling of my grandmother’s pearly skin against mine. Now it comes back to me in a shimmer, like a gust of light rippling over the water swooping through my spine in a tremor—atmospheric, cathartic, free. It is not about getting back to where you once were or striving on toward some distant destination,rather it is about remembering who you are and always have been.”

— Tias Little

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“ These messages from the mat and the cushion of an unusually skillful and
sensitive master practitioner offer memorable inspirations for our own paths of
practice. They come from an accomplished hand, a profound, clear-seeing mind
and the heart of a poet. The deep reflections and beautiful poems offered here
encourage us to explore our lives and the way of things more deeply, and help us
learn to be in the world more intimately and whole-heartedly. A little treasure
of a book.”

— Henry Shukman, Zen teacher and author of
One Blade of Grass and Original Love


“It’s a true gift when words on a page move me to heed the waves of listening
in my own body, to release the burden I’ve been unknowingly carrying. As his
lifetime of practice emerges and recedes throughout these pages, leaving a wake
of clear respect, Tias’s poetry reminds me to let go, to bow to the great mystery,
to belong to myself.”

— Elena Brower, author of Softening.

” In these lyrical meditations, yogi poet Tias Little gives voice to—and guides us deeper into—the sensate, mysterious, wordless depths of somatic spiritual awakening. Each poem is a vinyasa of potent imagery, designed not just to be read, but to be practiced and embodied within the shape-shifting, incantatory magic of yoga. I am savoring these poems on my mat and cushion—and I’ll be sharing them with my fellow travelers on the path of yoga and dharma. “

—Anne Cushman, Senior teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation
Center and author of The Mama Sutra: A Story of Love, Loss
and the Path of Motherhood and Enlightenment for Idiots: A Novel
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