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Focal point in balance poses

Greetings Tias and Surya, With your training I am inspired in new ways to deepen my practice. One challenge I’m finding is in teaching students balance poses.  For instance, in eagle pose my students have asked me ~ where is a good focus point (inward or outward) visually? With arms …

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Jalandhara Bandha

Many times in class you suggest lifting the back skull like the head of cobra, widening and lifting upwards to allow the front skull to descend downwards.  I understand the point of this directive in taking our seat for meditation, but I would love to hear the “energetics” of why …

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Social Media and Yoga

Tias, I have a burning question for you relating to social media, the direction of our culture and citta vrtti. I have several young people who help me manage the studio and they are frustrated in my lack of interest with facebook, twitter, linkedin or whatever else is out there. …

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“How much is too pregnant?”

If I am in my eigth month. Is it too late to start yoga? Good News! Eight months is not too late to begin a yoga practice as long as you have the wise council and approval of your midwife or doctor and are able to study with an experienced …

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How shall I start teaching an active elderly student?

Dear Maya, I would start with supported standing poses paying attention to how they stand and balance with support of a wall or countertop. Poses like utthita hasta padasana: legs spread apart ….feet accurately placed and arms extended in line with the shoulders. Or parsva hastasna learning to rotate the …

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