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Inspirational, informative and thought provoking, our blog includes daily practices, yoga techniques, recipes and reflections on current and ancient trends in yoga.


The Bone Blog

The sponge like interior of bone is both resilient and adaptable. Bone receives approximately ten percent of all blood pumped from the heart. Thus, it is not outlandish to say that we breathe into our bones! Bones are more vascular than cartilage and thus, unlike cartilage, bones are being remodeled …

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Embodying the Seven Fundamental Tissues

In my own practice I have been inspired to go all the way back to the very building blocks of the body. I have asked myself, what are we made from? How do molecules, cells, membranes and fluids form to create structure? So I found myself turning to the the …

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Anatomy of the Deep Belly

Exploring the Mysteries of the Lower Belly in Yoga Practice The lower belly is the source of the body’s energy, singled out in yoga practice as the seat of personal power. In all of the internal arts from yoga to qi gung to tai chi, the physical vitality for the body resides …

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