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Transformation Through the Chakras | Online Immersion

March 17, 2021 - March 21, 2021



A physical, energetic and spiritual path through the chakras

The chakras evoke mystery, an artistic imagination and connection to the subtle body. For each of us, the chakras are unique centers of physical and psychic energy. In this specialized course we cover the anatomical structures that correspond to each chakra beginning with the tailbone and leading to the crown of the head. You will learn the muscular-skeletal, organic, and glandular association within each chakra. This course details these vital energy centers along the vertebral column that houses nerve bundles thought to be “small brains.”

In addition we investigate the emotional and spiritual quality of each chakra. We investigate ways to strengthen each chakra as well as the causes of deterioration within each chakra. Learn the energetic and emotional vitality that pertains to each vital energy center. We refer to the dynamic polarity in hatha yoga of the sun/moon, male/female and shiva/ shakti. We will look at how the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and space) and the yogic “winds” (vayus) pertain to each energy center.

In daily practice, we activate each of the vital energy channels through asana, sound resonance, visualization, hand mudras and meditation. In this course you will identify the chakra that is strongest for you and the one that is most vulnerable.

This course includes a rich array of iconographic images from the yogic tradition in order to describe the subtle body along with anatomical images that provide insight into the anatomy of each chakra. Tias brings his background in Buddhist studies, Sanskrit, yoga philosophy, dreamwork, Indian art, and mystical anatomy to this unique course on the chakras.

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Day 1: The Root of It All
The first day is an introduction to the entire chakra system plus a study and practice of the first and second chakras. We focus on the connection of the legs to the pelvis and sacrum. The sacrum is the center of gravity in the body and is home to the reproductive organs and the kundalini. We practice movements to open the hips and mobilize the body’s deep life force from the base of the spine.


Day 2: The Belly Center: The Fire Within
The abdomen, the third chakra, is the hearth of the body and the seat of personal will. This class covers uddiyana bandha, the digestive center, the kidneys, adrenal glands and the psychological challenges with coming into one’s own power.


Day 3: The Lotus Heart
The heart chakra is the mediator and synthesizer of all the other chakras. This day focuses on the heart and lung and the exquisite vibration of feeling that resides in the heart. We practice metta meditations, asana to expand the chest and pranayama to open the ribs and lungs.


Day 4: The Place of Purification: The Throat
The throat contains a series of delicate structures that lead up to the brain including the “master” thyroid gland. The throat is a primary channel for the passage of food, breath and arteriole blood. This day covers the emotional center relating to self expression, song and sound. In practice we do bridge poses, shoulderstand and the throat bandha.


Day 5: The Cranial Chakras
On this day we look at the centers in the skull relating to the brain, brainstem, sensory organs and consciousness. This day investigates the cranial sutures, the cranial-sacral system and the “master” pituitary and pineal gland. Through inversions, meditation and visualization, we yoke to a spacious, all pervading awareness.



Full immersion: $725

Individual day: $150 

Daily Live Zoom Meetings: March 17 – 21 | 9:30am – 1:00pm

*Included in this course is bonus access to the Prajna Live classes on Tuesday, March 16 and Friday, March 19 at 10:00 – 11:30am Mountain Time. All registrants will have extended access to these classes directly in their course curriculum*


** Transformation Through the Chakras is good for 30 hours of total combined live training, pre-recorded material, classes, homework, and mentorship available for Continuing Education hours through Yoga Alliance

**Transformation Through the Chakras can be applied towards required hours for the Prajna Yoga 300/500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program, and is part of the Prajna Yoga Therapy Track.

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