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Join Tias and Surya for in-depth studies under the blue skies on sacred land for inspiration, healing, and well being!


The Journey To Your Essence

Prajna’s in-depth study immersions invite you on a journey to remember yourself. Each day, sun salutation is a reminder to offer gratitude to the big sky and the sacred land beneath your feet. The Prajna Temple, a healing sanctuary of learning, offers space for an intimate group of 24 students to study together. Mornings generally include meditation, a dharma talk, along with a deep yoga practice, while afternoons offer restorative asanas, poetry, and silence. While here, enjoy contemplative time by the koi pond.

Sit in the sacred sun with an organic meal prepared especially for you. Share walks on the land. Journey one evening for water therapy to Ten Thousand Waves. Savor a meal at one or the finest restaurants in the southwest. At the end of the day, feel peace coursing through you, thankful to have taken this time to honor yourself.



JUNE 11 – 15, 2024

Yoga and the Internal Organs

We focus on generating the flow of prana (blood and lymph) through each organ to support motility (inherent motion) and metabolic exchange. We review the anatomical position and function of each organ and practice SATYA (Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga) to slide, squeeze, wring, drain, and flush fluids through each organ.

30 Hrs CE | Yoga Alliance, 300/500-HR TT & PRAJNA Therapy Track


JUNE 18 – 22, 2024

SATYA 2 | Somatic Awareness Training

This in-person SATYA 2 emphasizes hands on assists in the movements. Learning the manual myofascial release work is a wonderful addition to the SATYA training. For obvious reasons, the facilitated releases cannot be taught on-line. This makes the in-person SATYA 2 so valuable for your group classes and 1 to 1 private sessions.

45 Hrs CE | Yoga Alliance & Prajna Therapy Track





Yoga and Myofascial Release

August 3 – 5

Cranial-Sacral Health and Yoga

August 6 – 8

In the Flow: Creative Sequencing

August 10 – 12

Going to the Next Level: Intermediate Practice

August 14 – 16


From Our Students

“SATYA is magic. It is like being rebuilt, plugged back in, and then shining from the inside.”
– Sarah Dentoni | Fort Collins, CO
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