Yoga for Energy and Vitality | Weekend Immersion in New Orleans

TIAS LITTLE - in collaboration with SWAN RIVER YOGA - In this immersion we review the anatomy of the circulatory and lymphatic systems and practice movements to “pranagize” (energize) the body by bringing blood flow to all the tissues of the body. This aids in nourishing the tissues, healing chronic pain and bringing vitality to the body and mind.

Autoimmune Yoga | Online Immersion

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE ONLINE - Through practice we will discover how through somatic movement, postural yoga, and meditation, we can help build a radiant immune system. We use specific restorative positions to counter the debilitating effects of autoimmune syndromes such as Hashimoto’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Multiple Sclerosis.

Marma as Gateway to the Subtle Body | Immersion in Los Gatos, CA

TIAS LITTLE - in collaboration with BREATHE TOGETHER YOGA in Los Gatos CA - In yoga and Ayurveda, marma points are vital acupressure points located on the surface of the body that connect to the energetic circuitry of nerve and blood. In this course we detail the 21 most important marma points that can be directly stimulated through yoga postures.

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