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June Online 6-Class Series | Yoga Organic

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - SATYA and the practice of yoga postures is ideal for irrigating blood and metabolic waste through the internal organs. In this month we actively stretch, pump, twist, compress and expand the organs in order to promote radiant health throughout the body.

Prajna Live | The Mesentery | Online Practice

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - The mesentery provides integration and support to all the abdominal organs. In this class we irrigate blood through the abdomen to reduce sluggishness and constriction and reduce excess fat from the mesentery.

Prajna Live | Liver Flow | Online Practice

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - As its name suggests, the liver is the organ of life. In this class we do twists, arching poses, and inversions to improve circulatory flow through the liver.

Prajna Live | Prana and the Lungs | Online Practice

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - The lungs are the most essential organs of a yoga practice responsible for absorbing prana into the body. In this class we elevate, spiral, pump, and expand the lungs using SATYA, asana, and pranayama.

SATYA 1 | Online Immersion

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - This training covers the foundational movements of the SATYA practice. This will revitalize your own body by reducing fatigue, building coherence, and integration of all the connective tissues of your body.

SATYA 2 | Online Immersion

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - In SATYA 2, you will learn more complex sequencing, more nuanced variations of movement, and more about the physiological benefits.

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