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SATYA 1 | Online Immersion

October 2 - October 31


SATYA (Somatic Awareness Training for Yoga Attunement) is Prajna Yoga’s therapeutic, “yin” style practice. We practice fine articulated movement on the floor in a flowing fashion, synthesizing breath with movement. The exercises are non-weight bearing and involve sliding, gliding, and circular movements to reduce myo-fascial holding in the body. When done on the floor, the breath and movement together enables myofascial release without strain. All movements are done slowly, in isolation, and without force. The SATYA movements replenish the body by increasing circulation (the flow of prana) throughout all the tissues of the body. SATYA acts as a “prana pump” to oxygenate the bloodstream and irrigate, or “soak” the tissues.

The SATYA movements cultivate inner listening and heighten proprioceptive awareness, neuroplasticity, and neural-muscular re-education. This awareness is the body’s innate intelligence. By increasing our capacity for somatic awareness, we become more sentient, wakeful beings in the world. While yoga today often emphasizes the “doing” of a posture, SATYA encourages “being” in a movement with heightened awareness. Our aim is to tap an inner potency, and to help support the body’s innate intelligence and capacity to self-regulate. Thus SATYA is mindfulness training through movement. As a movement meditation, SATYA builds vipassana (insight) into the somatic-motor pathways of the body. The movements are a powerful tonic to reduce fatigue, strain, and tension in the body, and to build deep relaxation and clarity. All movements support profound physical rest of the body and prepare for savasana and yoga nidra (the yogic sleep).

This training covers the foundational movements of the SATYA practice. This will revitalize your own body by reducing fatigue, building coherence, and integration of all the connective tissues of your body. At the same time, you will learn the key principles of the SATYA practice for the classroom. For yoga teachers who work therapeutically or with aging populations, SATYA is a simple yet highly effective system to help safely mobilize and repair the connective tissues.

This online immersion with Tias and Surya includes guided meditation, sound resonance, dharma study, visualization training, and SATYA practice. We do yoga postures following SATYA to stabilize the core tissues of the body. Tias will teach anatomy through an array of colorful slides. Tias integrates images from nature, sacred architecture and art to describe the energetic flow of prana through the body. Tias brings his background in Sanskrit, cranial-sacral study, yoga philosophy, and mystical anatomy to provide a transformational online course of study.


Cost: $1,050

Schedule: Wednesdays and Thursdays: October 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30, and 31 | 9:30am – 12:00pm Mountain Time

**SATYA 1 is good for 45-Hours of Continuing Education hours through Yoga Alliance, and can be applied towards required hours for the Prajna Yoga 300/500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program and the Prajna Yoga Therapy Track.

**Please note ALL Live Zoom sessions will be recorded should you be unable to attend any live streams. All course materials are available indefinitely.

SATYA Student Testimonials:

“SATYA has been a game changer for my practice and my teaching. It is an intelligent practice that makes sense to my body, heart, and mind, taught with integrity, humor, and skillful means. Thank you for generously sharing this invaluable practice.”
-Karen Cryer, Los Angeles CA

“The SATYA training created an opportunity to restore and rejuvenate while learning to fine-tune my body awareness. What I did not expect was that my chronic pain would be relieved and leave my body! I’ve been given the tools to maintain my health and manage pain.”
Jane Baldwin, Dallas, TX

“I find the SATYA work to be profound. It is both subtle and deep, nourishing and cleansing. The vinyasa of breath and movement gets into nooks and crannies for me that have held deep strain and fatigue. Lying on my back with a willingness to sense and feel is a gift that I appreciate greatly. After practicing mainly standing poses for 20 years I feel like I have finally arrived!”

“SATYA is magic. It is like being rebuilt, plugged back in, and then shining from the inside.”
-Sarah Dentoni, Fort Collins, CO

“SATYA has been and continues to be a very valuable practice for me and for the students I am privileged to teach. The feedback from my students has been overwhelmingly positive. The SATYA training has transformed my practice. Tias and Surya are wisdom teachers who bring so much to the global yoga community.”
-Sheila Wenzel, Jamestown, NC


October 2
October 31
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