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The Yoga of Vitality and Flow: A Weekend with Tias Little in Boston, MA

September 20 - September 22


Four workshops designed to transform not only on physical levels, but also in the realms of the psyche and the heart.


Back Bay Yoga Union welcomes Tias Little this fall for a full weekend of immersive theory, practice and learning. Register for individual workshops, or join for the entire weekend.

The Power of Twisting Poses

Friday, September 20th | 6:00 – 8:00pm

Each yoga session should include a variety of twists in order that the spine and organs remain healthy and supple. In this immersion we practice churning, massaging and stretching movements for the abdomen in order to increase digestive fire and boost overall levels of energy in the body. This class details many ways to assist students in twisting poses. Via manual assist and with the support of blocks and straps, you will gain new ideas as to how to help students mobilize their hips, abdomen, spine and shoulders in revolving poses. We cover supine, seated and standing twists. By the end of class you will feel totally invigorated, as if you have come from a 2 hour massage!

The Storehouse of Vitality in the Deep Belly

Saturday, September 21st |  11:00am – 1:30pm

The region just below the navel is the center of gravity in the body. Called the hara in zen, the dantian in qi gong and related to the second chakra in yoga, the deep belly is the source of the breath and the origin of the deep life force. It is not only the region for balance and support in the body, but also is a source for great energy and feeling. In this class we initiate every movement and every pose from the lower belly. Through active and passive positions, we stretch, expand and strengthen the tissues of the lower abdomen. By engaging the deep belly, we tap the source of prana and recharge the entire bioelectric field of the body. In this class Tias facilitates students individually via personal guidance and manual assistance.

Nadis, Circulation and the Joints

Saturday, September 21st | 3:00 – 5:30pm

All of hatha yoga involves increasing neurological and circulatory flow through the nadis. Nadis are described as rivers of energy that flow through the body. They are circulatory pathways of blood, lymph and nerve that flow through the connective tissues. There are thousands ( a purported 350,000!) of small tributaries throughout the body that move via arcs, curves, spirals and elliptical patterns. In this immersion, we start on the floor using rocking, circular and spiral movements to release the fascia and joints of the body and increase circulatory flow. This practice is designed to revive your prana, reduce fatigue and release musculoskeletal strain. We conclude with meditation and pranayama to open the central channel of the spine. Discover how opening the currents of the nadis brings radiant health and longevity to the body. In this class Tias facilitates students individually via personal guidance and manual assistance.

The Power of the Tail

Sunday, September 22nd | 11:00am – 1:30pm

The base of the spine is the source of propulsion for the whole body. The tail is invested with the primordial impulse of movement from sperm to fish and from the lizard to the flight of a falcon. In yoga and cranial-sacral mechanics we say that “the mind is in the tail”. In this class we free the sacrum, coccyx and surrounding musculature in order to mobilize the energy of kundalini in the first and second chakras. We activate the vital link between the sacral tail and the movement of the brain and cranial tissue. In this class Tias facilitates students individually via personal guidance and manual assistance.




Where: Back Bay Yoga Union | 364 Boylston Street 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02116 


September 20
September 22
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