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Inspirational, informative and thought provoking, our blog includes daily practices, yoga techniques, recipes and reflections on current and ancient trends in yoga.
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The Union of Opposites

This world is full of opposition. Democrats vs Republicans, Arabs vs. Jews, Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice, Ravens vs. Chiefs, Roadrunner vs. Wile E. Coyote. Today, people’s minds and hearts crack and splinter and consequently there is much suffering. But this is nothing new. In fact in the graphic arts of yoga, this split is …

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The Big Dig

A yoga practice is like an archeological dig. Each day, you have to get out your pick-axe and shovel and do excavation work. In the early years of practice, you hack away at the surface layer of big, tight muscles. Later, you learn to proceed slowly through layers where precious …

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Burn Baby Burn

The best way to make progress on the path is to completely exhaust yourself. Like wring yourself out, turn yourself upside down, lay yourself bare. It is like running a marathon. When you hit the 18 mile mark, your mind goes blank and you see all bodies, all colors, all the …

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Born on the Day of the Dead

Today, I reflect back on the strange and wondrous coincidence to have been born on el Dia de Muertos, the Day of the Dead. Some would say it is not, however coincidence, but rather some providence, mapped out by the constellations of stars and influenced by the planetary pull of certain …

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Resource Without End

Today we are blindly burning through our natural resources the world over. The globe’s waterways, soils, forests, plant, and animal species, energy sources such as gas, coal, cobalt, and oil are being depleted at break neck speed. Mankind, in his addiction to the material world is squandering the very life …

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Women Making History

In honor of Women’s History Month, we spotlight women that paved the path, women breaking barriers today, and the young minds forging thru outdated narratives to build a better future for us all. Below is a short list of notable women that have shifted the story for us all. Breaking …

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