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Resource Without End

Today we are blindly burning through our natural resources the world over. The globe’s waterways, soils, forests, plant, and animal species, energy sources such as gas, coal, cobalt, and oil are being depleted at break neck speed. Mankind, in his addiction to the material world is squandering the very life …

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Women Making History

In honor of Women’s History Month, we spotlight women that paved the path, women breaking barriers today, and the young minds forging thru outdated narratives to build a better future for us all. Below is a short list of notable women that have shifted the story for us all. Breaking …

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Black History: More Than a Month

Black History: More Than a Month In the US and in Canada, the month of February is observed dedicated to acknowledging the achievements of Black individuals and groups throughout our history. Here at Prajna Yoga, we feel that Black History is more than a month. It is an integral part …

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Lung and Throat Tonic

Lung and Throat Tonic We call this variation a “Bridge to Shoulderstand” and the benefits on the connective tissues are huge. As you can see from the photo, much blood flows into the cervical region, bathing the shoulders, neck, jaw and jaw. Note how the bolster contours to the cervical …

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The Fluid You

The Fluid You Take time to reflect on the fact that your identity is fluid and always changing. Reflect on the current changes taking place in your life at this time. There may be shifts in your health as you age or you might have experienced an injury that limits …

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Right Medicine

Those who are regular practitioners in the internal art of yoga or qi gong use their practice like medicine. Via breathing techniques, mindfulness and postures we take our “ daily dose”. By comparison, the average adult in America takes 4-5 pharmaceutical pills per day. Like any medicine used to regenerate …

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Is the Yoga Industry Changing?

With the onset of the pandemic, yoga enthusiasts worldwide have been practicing at home. There has been a reckoning in the industry for students of all styles of practice to move more slowly, be mindful and to take their time. Prior to the rise of COVID-19, it was clear that …

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On the Rock

For anyone who finds rock climbing to be one of the most awesome and fearsome athletic feats ever done by a human being, the Nov 22, 2021 article in the New Yorker entitled, What it Takes to Climb the World’s Most Forbidding Cliffs is a must read. It features the Boulder …

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Your Delicate, Blood Filled Lungs

By Tias Little I like to say where there is breath, there is blood. When you breathe, your lungs and your heart together propel blood through your circulatory system into every nook and cranny of your body. In this course we pump bright red blood irrigates into all bodily tissues …

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