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The Union of Opposites

This world is full of opposition. Democrats vs Republicans, Arabs vs. Jews, Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice, Ravens vs. Chiefs, Roadrunner vs. Wile E. Coyote. Today, people’s minds and hearts crack and splinter and consequently there is much suffering. But this is nothing new. In fact in the graphic arts of yoga, this split is artistically rendered as the power grid of the Sri Yantra. You have surely seen it many times–nine opposing triangles with a dot in the center. The interplay of upward and downward pointing triangles represent the push-pull energies that make the world go round. The colliding triangles mark the tension between monumental forces– creation and destruction, male and female, body and spirit, time bound consciousness and transcendent consciousness.
We are each citizens of the two spheres. Each of us swings between polarities of hope and despair, courage and fear, wanting to be seen and deciding to remain hidden. Smack dab in the center of these competing energies, is the droplet, whose concentrated energy holds everything together. Indivisible, it is a power point, the source of all. Related to the inner eye of wisdom, it is the seat of discernment, where the tug-of-war between sides collapses. Too, this point of convergence resides in the center of the heart. Its nucleus is entire, unbreakable and all powerful.
Each day, yoke to this middle. But a hair’s gap off-center, and you miss the mark. It is tricky, for this center has no edges, sides or seams. It is like space, you can’t ever grasp it. But in the midst of the swirl, when you get tossed to and fro, know that the best thing to do is to hold to the center. Then nothing can knock you off your day.
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