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Go at the Speed of Your Own Curiosity

In this time of high speed interconnectivity, it is easy to rush forward like a running back, darting through the holes of your life. The true art of yoga requires slowing way down and moving at the pace of trees, snails, and salamanders. Follow the way of the deer who stand at the edge of the meadow with alert ears, waiting, watching and listening.

If you go faster than your gut, faster than the rhythm of your breath, if you hurtle through your day heedlessly, you’ll never realize the wisdom of the old reptilian brain. If you move at the pace of your own curiosity, the way the lizard absorbs vibration through its skin, then you’ll always stay connected to source. When you stay in synch with your own biology, you embody the presence the old sages lived by. It’s like the master who responds to the student’s searching question, “What is Buddha? by saying, “What is arising now?” If you move at the speed of your own curiosity, you’ll always stay yoked. Not to God, or some fancy transcendental consciousness, but to the moment at hand.

So wild yourself, live by curiosity and the world will be revealed, always new, and astonishing. The curious is a strange thing, which is why people hold to the familiar. But my advice is to stay with it, move at the pace of your own wonderment, collaborate with the strange fate of chance, and learn to live by what is. It is, always and forever, something else.

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