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10 Acts of Love for Our Mother Figures

It’s the little things that count. Show your love and appreciation for the women that make everything possible.

1. A handwritten letter. Show your appreciation for all that your mother figure(s) have done for you. Let them know how they have improved your life, how they have changed your views, or how they have been the safe space for you when things are tough.

2. Taking care of a task. Help with the garden. Do the dishes. Run errands for them.

3. Get Outdoors. Spend time with them outdoors in a beautiful park, out on a hike or take the boat out for the day, just you and them. No tech, no cell phones, just pure and uninterrupted one on one time.

4. Listen.  Ask questions. Listen, learn and provide a safe space for them to share, to vent or reminisce. We all seek to be heard and to be validated and listening to a loved one is such an easy way to show our love.

5. A favorite hobby. Participate in their favorite activities with your mother figure(s). Painting, yoga, music, meditation, sports, or cooking. Make the time to show how their interests are important to you as well.

6. Sponsorship. Do they love animals? Climate activists? A survivor? Plant a tree in their name, sponsor an animal or make a donation to a cause that they support. This will stay with them far longer than a bouquet of flowers.

7. Make a photo album. Pull together favorite images of trips, holidays and any other events that are special to you. With most of our images on our phones now, it’s super easy to pull a grouping of these images and print them for a photo album.

8. Pay it forward. Do you know of an upcoming trip they are taking or an event they want to attend? Surprise them with the tickets or have their dinner paid for before they even arrive. The gesture will go a long ways.

9. A day to themselves. Sometimes our mother figures just need some time alone. Offer to watch the pets, take the kids for the day or fill in taking care of their responsibilities for the day. A day off from responsibilities can bring so much renewal to the mind and body.

10. Breakfast in bed. Prepare a delicious breakfast recipe and surprise them in bed. It doesn’t need to be a marathon breakfast but something that is simple, yet delicious. A favorite grouping of organic fruits with granola and a warm cup of chamomile tea, or a quick omelette with her favorite ingredients and a big cup of coffee. Include a small note sharing your love. It will be a breakfast to remember.

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