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Resource Without End

Today we are blindly burning through our natural resources the world over. The globe’s waterways, soils, forests, plant, and animal species, energy sources such as gas, coal, cobalt, and oil are being depleted at break neck speed. Mankind, in his addiction to the material world is squandering the very life support that sustains us all. Like sightless lemmings, we are headed straight for the cliff’s edge. No doubt this is a source of great heart ache and despair for anyone sensitive enough to feel the aching pain of the planet.

The Inexhaustible Source: Saving Ourselves from Extinction

What can be done? You and I can drive electric cars, shop with reusable bags, reduce our consumption of plastic. Yet a more profound reorientation of energy consumption is necessary. What is needed is to wean ourselves off the globe’s limited resources and instead tap into an unlimited resource that is never born nor dies. The essential teachings of the wisdom traditions remind us that the body, together with the material world has an expiration date, but our foundational source, our primordial life support, the dharmakaya, is inexhaustible. This always available resource is like space. It is perpetually abundant and can never be depleted. It has no form, texture or substance.

Like charging a battery, all contemplative practices aim to plug into this universal, invisible, inexhaustible source. Its supply is endless and it is always life giving, feeding right into the heart and spirit. It is high time that as a global community we yoke to the source without end and save ourselves from extinction.

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