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Inspirational, informative and thought provoking, our blog includes daily practices, yoga techniques, recipes and reflections on current and ancient trends in yoga.


The Magic of Yoga

As the days go by, yoga practice gets easier and easier. Not yoga as union of mind and body or a kind of fully realized state of being, but yoga as sorcery or magic. Magical display is one of the oldest definitions of yoga, known as maya or illusion. This …

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Don’t Push the River

The path of practice is a long and¬†arduous¬†journey. And while we are all born, it takes many years to fully incarnate. It begins when we leave the aquatic interior of the uterine cave, impelled to breathe air, stand on two legs, and speak in a foreign tongue. At the start, …

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In the Blood of Christ Mountains

This Easter morning I climb a scraggly rock strewn hill¬†on the outskirts of the city of¬†Holy Faith.¬†I pick my way¬†through prickly pear cactus and sharp volcanic cinders.¬†At the top is a crooked white cross which, at the mercy of the¬†fierce desert wind, has¬†tilted heavily to the side. In the high …

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The Yoga of Caring for an Aging Parent

I spent this week caring for my 88 year old mother. It is astonishing how the end of life resembles the beginning. In the car to the Whole Foods mom asks again and again,¬†‚ÄúHow far away are we?” Like the width of her shoulders, her world has shrunken down to …

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The Spell of the Shell

Convinced that we are separate, as if cast under a spell,¬†we bump around¬†blindly in this life-time,¬†unable to see beyond the¬†end¬†of¬†our noses.¬†The spell is¬†mesmerizing, hypnotic and leaves us in a kind of stupor. The¬†Japanese poet¬†Shuho alluded to the totality of the trance in this verse: ‚Äúcicada shell/little did I know/it was …

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Exploring the Depths of the Chakras

Step into a realm of mystique and self-discovery as we embark on a transformative journey through the enigmatic world of the chakras. These ancient energy centers, steeped in symbolism and significance, offer a gateway to the subtle realms of our being. Each chakra, with its unique blend of color, geometry, …

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Same Difference

One of the most powerful yoga teachings I know is short and sweet – only two words –¬†bheda-abheda. You will notice that the words are¬†identical except for one small ‚Äúa‚ÄĚ that begins the second word. This is not some clever¬†linguistic¬†trick, but points to the heart of wisdom and best describes …

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Time & Space are the Greatest Healers

Cosmologists, physicists, architects, and yogis¬†know¬†that time and space are¬†indivisible. They hold the¬†potential for all being and becoming.¬†In the chakra system, time and space occupy exquisitely fine openings within the¬†skull. Space exists in the vestibule of the inner ear. Time is associated with the invisible third eye, one that never opens …

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Be As You Are

The tragic death of Nex Benedict is a heart wrenching reminder that our good work as a global nation is to let people be as they are. Nex was only 16, a non-binary kid growing up in a small town 20 minutes outside of Tulsa Oklahoma. Like so many red …

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