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Born on the Day of the Dead

Today, I reflect back on the strange and wondrous coincidence to have been born on el Dia de Muertos, the Day of the Dead. Some would say it is not, however coincidence, but rather some providence, mapped out by the constellations of stars and influenced by the planetary pull of certain …

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Coming of Age in America

We raised our son in the shelter of our Santa Fe community, his school but a mile from our home. He attended a Waldorf school where the early childhood curriculum focuses on imaginative play and fosters in the child “a sense that the world is good”. In 5th grade they …

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The Light Within The Dark

In a time that cracks and splinters everywhere around, when vile men lose their minds in pursuit of gold, oil and fame, when the very ground you walk on trembles from windstorms and earthquakes, when trepidation wakes you at 3AM and your faith in humanity is on trial, you must do the …

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The Samsara of War

In times of war, sorrow courses through our veins and our hearts bleed droplets of grief. In the face of such immense suffering, we are perplexed and deeply saddened. How could people wreak such ruin upon each other? War evokes such existential sorrow as violence, divisiveness, terror and hate perpetuate samsara. …

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Getting Out Of Your Own Way

In the long winding journey on the path of practice, you inevitably come to a place where the best thing to do is get out of your own way. At some point you have to stop engineering your life and allow a force greater than yourself to enter. But how …

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Reading the Text of the Body

It is astonishing how little people read today. These days we read only bits and snippets on the digital screen, mostly on the move, not enough to support deep digestion. When reading is limited to texted fragments, we don’t drop in. When was the last time you curled up on …

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Consecrate The Space Within

Each day the most profound and nutritive thing to do is rest in the open space of stillness. When you enter the first gate and come into the temple of your body-mind make your breath tactile, sense the weight of your bones and soften your skin. Mostly what you need …

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Realizing Your Buddha Nature

It’s funny how we all look outside of ourselves for fulfillment. These days we need not look far. In fact it begins right off the bat, when you pick up your phone first thing in the morning. With each tap of the screen we kindle hope that a new message …

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The Bone Blog

The sponge like interior of bone is both resilient and adaptable. Bone receives approximately ten percent of all blood pumped from the heart. Thus, it is not outlandish to say that we breathe into our bones! Bones are more vascular than cartilage and thus, unlike cartilage, bones are being remodeled …

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Breathing Water

As yoga practitioners, we spend a lifetime following our breath– relaxing it, expanding it, and deepening its flow. Patanjali’s Yoga teaches that in pranayama, the breath should be “prolonged” (dirgha) and “refined” (sukshma). However, breathing in general is a tricky thing because for many the initial “air born” breath is …

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