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Marma as Gateway to the Subtle Body | Immersion at Breathe Together Yoga in Los Gatos, CA

May 5, 2023 - May 7, 2023


In yoga and Ayurveda, marma points are vital acupressure points located on the surface of the body that connect to the energetic circuitry of nerve and blood. In this course we detail the 21 most important marma points that can be directly stimulated through yoga postures. Via pressure point therapy, we activate the flow of prana at each marma point to improve circulation through the skin, fascia and organs. We study the anatomical location of each point, comparing and contrasting the marma points of Ayurveda to the acupuncture points used in Chinese Medicine. We provide pressure point release in yoga postures, through direct stimulation using bolsters, blocks, the floor and belts. In dyads, we use restorative poses such as supta baddha konasana, savasana, and leg-up-the-wall pose combined with manual pressure point release. Each day, when practicing alone, we cover ways to impart direct stimulation on the points using small physio-balls. This course is deeply rejuvenating while providing the essential knowledge to use pressure point stimulation in any therapeutic context in order to heal the subtle body.

DAY 1: Points for the Feet and Leg | Friday, May 5th

Introduction to utilizing marma and acupressure points as energetic portals into the nadi system. We practice yoga asana to stimulate neurological flow into the points of the feet, ankle, knee and femur.


DAY 2: Points for the Pelvis and Abdomen | Saturday, May 6th

We put into practice the therapeutic benefits of the marma points on the pelvis, lower back and abdomen to address the reproductive and digestive systems. Practice includes sacro-iliac releases, belly down back bends (including “belly bolster” variations) and twists.


DAY 3: Points for the Upper Trunk and Skull | Sunday, May 7th

We begin reviewing the marma points on the upper trunk in order to affect cardiac rhythm, lymph drainage and respiration. We conclude by stimulating the key points on the cranium that have an immediate effect on the central nervous system and brain.


  • Friday, May 5th | 1:00pm – 4:00pm
  • Saturday, May 6th | 1:00pm – 4:30pm
  • Sunday, May 7th | 1:00pm – 4:30pm


  • General: $295
  • Early-bird through  April 20: $275


**Note: students should have a physioball similar to the Alpha Ball (available in our retail area) or a tennis ball, or purchase physio-balls here:


**This immersion offers 15-Hours of Continuing Education hours, and can be applied towards the required hours for the Prajna Yoga 300/500-Hour Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy Track.

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