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Meditation, Yoga, & Somatic Movement | In-Person Immersion in New Orleans

February 23 - February 24


Supple Hips, Quiet Mind 

Friday, February 23 | 5:00 – 7:30pm

Really there is just one asana, the seated posture for meditation. In this class we take a slow progression through the many angles of rotation in and around the hips to generate fluidity in the sacrum and pelvis. We will practice releasing the sacrum and low back in order to generate a stream-like flow of prana through the spine. When the hips are open, we sit upright with steadiness, ease, and enduring peace.


Spinal Longevity

Saturday, February 24 | 9:30am – 12:00pm

In yoga, the spine holds the body’s deepest life force. As people age, the spine tends to collapse down and back and as a result, vitality in the body wanes. In this class we do postures that keep the spine supple and strong by reaching forward, spiralling, and arching back with grace.


Expanding the Lungs, Heart and Ribs

Saturday, February 24 | 2:00 – 4:30pm

The vital air (prana) moves through the lungs and sustains all the tissues of the body. This class focuses on regulating the pulse of prana as it moves through the chest, lungs and ribs. In order to expand the lungs, we stretch the shoulders and arms and make the respiratory diaphragm elastic. In pranayama we cleanse and aerate the lungs in order to bring levity and joy to the heart.


Location: Swan River Yoga | 2940 Canal Street, New Orleans

Investment: Full Weekend: $240 or Individual Session: $85

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