Essential Practice for Women | In-Person Class with Surya in New Orleans

SURYA LITTLE - in New Orleans - In this class we do dynamic and restorative yoga to support women of all ages on the path of practice from menstruation to menopause. All practices for the hips, lower back, and internal organs support restoration, radiant wellness, and optimal vitality.

Afternoons with Tias & Surya | The Energy of the Tail

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE - in Santa Fe - This is a unique opportunity to work with both Tias and Surya in the beautiful setting of the Prajna Temple. In this class we free the sacrum, coccyx, and surrounding musculature in order to mobilize the energy of Kundalini in the first chakra.

Afternoons with Tias & Surya | Spiral Flow

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE - in Santa Fe - After winter, spring twists are the medicine to sprout new change and growth while energizing the body. This class will emphasize standing, seated, and supine twists that mobilize the internal organs and promote abundant circulation of blood through the spinal nerves.

Prajna Yoga at Telluride Yoga Festival

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE - in Telluride CO - Experience an unforgettable weekend of connection and inspiration nestled in the rugged mountains of Telluride. Tias and Surya will both be teaching multiple classes over the festival weekend.

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