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Perfect Timing

Yoga is all about supporting the body’s inherent biorhythms and a fascinating report recently on NPR supports this. The piece is based on the research of a circadian scientist who studies how changes in our biology are linked to time. A “circadian scientist” strikes me as being a particularly cool job description. …

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The Bikram Scandal

It looks like at long last the Bikram empire is crumbling. After many years of playing powerball in the yoga world, it is not a surprise that Bikram should get caught in the steel trap of greed and power. What is surprising is that yoga students world wide should be …

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Yoga Infiltrates Insurance

It is remarkable how yoga and meditation are infiltrating corporate America. The fact that the conglomerate insurance company Aetna, based in Hartford Connecticut, is now offering daily yoga and meditation suggests the clear benefits to mind and body that the practice offers. See this New York Times article. This has positive …

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India and the Export/Import of Yoga

It is mind-boggling how enormous yoga has grown, like a sci-fi octopus, its sprawling tentacles invading popular culture. Educational institutions, media conglomerates, brand names and entrepreneurs have co-opted yoga to fit their own agendas. Perhaps it is yoga’s polymorphous nature that makes it so user friendly; a malleable commodity that …

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A Treasure is Passing in Our Midst

It is with grave concern that we learn that Thich Nhat Hanh has suffered from a brain hemorrhage. He is 88 and has been in unstable health for a while. His community in Plum Village, France has asked all to send him healing and good will. Thay has taught the …

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Tias Featured in Psychology Today Magazine

This is an article by renowned psychiatrist Susan M. Pollak about her experience taking Tias’ class, The Fluid Body, at Majestic Yoga in Boston recently. To view the article, please go to:

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The Super Seahawk Asana

In light of the Seattle Seahawk’s Super Bowl blow out, it is noteworthy that part of their success is attributed to asana, meditation and healthy diet. In ESPN’s article this week on the Seahawks training regimes, it shows how the Seattle team used visualization practice, positive thinking and triangle pose. …

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Yoga, Fatigue and Breast Cancer

Today there is a post on the NPR website about how yoga can help reduce breast cancer complications, by reducing fatigue. The statistic that women reported feeling 40% less fatigue when doing yoga is remarkable. This is a good reminder for teachers and students alike that the aim of a …

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