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Yoga in the News

The Super Seahawk Asana

In light of the Seattle Seahawk’s Super Bowl blow out, it is noteworthy that part of their success is attributed to asana, meditation and healthy diet. In ESPN’s article this week on the Seahawks training regimes, it shows how the Seattle team used visualization practice, positive thinking and triangle pose. It is daunting to think of the challenge of adjusting one of the line backers shoulders in downward dog for sure. But the article reminds us just how far yoga has “filtered up” into prime time America. In the way that “santosha” or contentment, is part of Patnajali’s Yoga Sutra formula for samadhi, the Seahawks value well-being and positivity. It is interesting to note how carefully the coach picked his team. His intent was to bring together a group who could keep their focus, their dristi. In the midst of real physical brutality and the pressures of success always looming, this is a remarkable thing to emphasize. This article reminds us how staying really centered can bring super powers of concentration and long term vision.

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