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Wisdom of One/Wisdom of Many

In our daily practice it is common to feel the need to get rid of what’s unwanted. People might spend hours trying to get rid of their rambling thoughts, their old memories and plans. You might spend years trying to clear out the bad, the bothersome, the ugly. The process of …

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Into the Great Mystery

On the path of practice, you have to be willing to forge ahead like an 18th century explorer scouting out unfamiliar ground. For the true terrain of spirit is, by necessity, always foreign to the sense-making I. It takes a strange mixture of humility and courage to go there. And not …

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Prajna Against Hate

It is with weighty hearts that we speak today of the hate crime in Colorado Springs and the killing of 5 individuals in the L.G.B.T.Q club setting. This strikes so very close to home — literally — as Colorado Springs is just 4 hours up the road from Santa Fe …

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This Gracious World

It’s all starting to wind down, like a top that has been spinning a thousand years, then slows to a wobble and comes to a sudden stop. For too many days we have been bustling along, head down, keeping pace to hardware algorithms not our own. We have been wandering …

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The Miracle of Exposure

As the door to the temple swings open, and we feel more at peace and in place inside, we may look back on all the years we spent in hiding, concealing our own vitality. It is appalling the amount of energy we invest into trying to fit in, wanting to please and …

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The Spin of Time

We woke today an hour younger as our clocks set backward at midnight. It is a bonus to gain an extra hour of sleep. But how exactly are we “saving time?” Is time a thing that can be saved? Daylight Savings Time is a good reminder that time is a made up thing. Who calls …

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Book of the Month

Call Us What We Carry Amanda Gordon’s newest collection of poetry Call Us What We Carry is a beautiful weave of voices, sometimes gritty sometimes sublime, the many voices that make up this nation. She has a remarkable ability to go backward to the past while putting herself ahead into …

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Letter from Hurricane Ian

By Jennifer French A few days ago I dreamt that I was Wonder Woman. Well, not quite. I had Wonder Woman’s boomerang-like headpiece and was using it to fight bad guys. I had help, but my helpers couldn’t differentiate the bad guys from the good guys. And then the headpiece …

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Stop Misogyny World Wide

The horrific death of Mahsa Amini on September 16 in Iran is a brutal reminder of how fear, disrespect and hatred of women perpetuates world-wide. The 22-year-old was killed in police custody by the Iranian Morality Police for wearing her hijab “incorrectly.”  The Islamic decree that a woman’s hair must remain concealed epitomizes …

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On Learning to Love Loss

We have now come to a turning point in what feels to be a long long fade — a kind of toboggan slide downward— as my mom continues to lose her bearings and now, according to the staff around her, needs to be placed in another facility with full time nursing care around her. I can recall my mom standing on one leg in the kitchen years ago drinking bancha tea.

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