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The Father, the Sun, & the Day of Yoga

It seems that there are many wild moments of synchronicity on the planet these days. Both personally and collectively the world is spinning fast and the challenge we face is to meet the moment, to make positive change, to take care of the planet and to strive toward justice for all humanity. These times have shown to be an admixture of despair, promise and reckoning. Sometimes it feels like everything is becoming more clear and evident, as if we are looking at world events through a magnifying glass. Maybe this is due to the ever-present camera, at home and on the street, there to tell a story. But today, June 20-21, 2020, represents a remarkable confluence of events where the Summer Solstice, Father’s Day and International Yoga Day converge. With the sun at its highest point, Summer Solstice is the most extreme outwardly focused day of the year. In the dual comparison of yin and yang in Taoism, the Summer Solstice is yang – exposed, bright, sun drenched, and masculine. That the Summer Solstice should line up with Father’s Day makes sense in this light.

This day celebrates the essence of male spirit, the archetypal father who is the protector, the provider and a source of unconditional support and love. The benevolent and luminous spirit of the male needs to shine forth today. He is not driven by authority and power, he does not simply take for himself, but is ready to give back. Male power has all too often been laced with hubris. Hubris in ancient Greek referred to a “tragic flaw” and “wrongful action against the divine order.” As men, as fathers, we need to connect to a force greater than ourselves, a force that is generous and equitable.

On this International Yoga Day, we do not only do dog pose and triangle. But our vow is to burst the bubble of illusion the we have been living under. We need to break the spell of self-centered, male centered, anthropomorphic, white privileged culture and commit to equal rights and justice. On this day we vow to be in service of all beings:lokah samastha sukhino bhavantu

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