Yoga, Longevity, and the Reproductive Organs | Online Workshop


In the internal arts of yoga, qi gung and tai chi, the health of the reproductive organs is critical for longevity. Through postures and flowing movements (SATYA—Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga), this workshop is designed to stretch, tone and strengthen the connective tissues that surround the reproductive organs.

We begin with Tias showing slides of the anatomical detail for the key structures within the pelvis. This includes not only the reproductive organs but the lower two spinal chakras. We review conditions relating to the reproductive organs such as uterine cysts, hysterectomies, prostate complications, impotency and infertility. There will then be time for enquiry, questions and reflections.

After the lecture and Q&A we will move into a practice that will include twists, inversions (or partial inversions), and bridge poses to tone the lower abdomen.

Props Required: blanket, strap, a bolster if available

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16:30 to 19:00pm UK time for both workshops (9:30am – 12:30pm Mountain Time)

Cost: £32 each or £55 together



Jul 06 2020


9:30 am - 12:00 pm
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