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Right Medicine

Those who are regular practitioners in the internal art of yoga or qi gong use their practice like medicine. Via breathing techniques, mindfulness and postures we take our “ daily dose”. By comparison, the average adult in America takes 4-5 pharmaceutical pills per day. Like any medicine used to regenerate on both cellular and psychological levels, yoga must be applied in the right dosage. Like the traditional Buddhist framework of the Eightfold Path (Right Effort, Right Speech, Right Intention, Right Action) an optimal practice requires that one deliver the “right” amount of medicine. If the strength of the application is too weak, the practitioner will not gain circulatory and organic benefits. If the strength of the application is too high it can work like a sedative, numbing both body and mind. There are many factors that should be considered in determining your optimal dosage: your age, fatigue levels, history of injury or trauma, your overall psychological and emotional state, etc. An optimal dosage brings vitality to the body, acuity to the mind and stamina to the spirit. Our dosage changes as we age. The kind of practice you did in your 20’s and 30’s will not be suitable when you are in your 60’s. A skillful approach to practice requires constant adjustment to the strength of your dosage. What is your optimal dosage today?

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