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Protect Yourself from the Wild Winds of Spring!

Click here to download our spring sequence that will boost your immunity and nurture the delicate and vulnerable structures in and around your neck. Fortify yourself against the onslaught of the springtime winds!


Practice meditation and breathing early in the morning to open the portals of your being. Become grounded in your mindfulness practice. After sitting, recline on your back for SATYA practice beginning with Spinal Undulations. The slow movement connected with the breath will help your body relax and get rid of any stagnant chi, creating a more conscious flow of prana throughout.


From this floor sequence, move into the following Asana practice to create stability and mobility within your skeletal structure, focusing in particular around your upper chest, shoulders and neck (see sequence below).


Breathe into your heels, moving like a wild cat crouching down through a series of low lunges to release your low back and hips, waiting, expanding your breath as you stretch from east to west, high to low, readying your body to move from earth to sky. Move freely upward and outward toward the warm celestial sun.


Let the warmth of your practice and sequence of poses help you unfurl and open to the winds of new beginnings. Enjoy!
*Please practice revolved seated angle pose
**First practice with blanket under shoulders. Variations: Hands grip outer mat, hands interlaced behind lower back, hands around ankles. Second, practice with blocks supporting your sacrum and feet.
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