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Asana/Anatomy Focus

ASANA FOCUS – Sukhasana

The prefix “su” means good and “kha” means space. This pose will help to put your hips into a good space. Sukha is a very common word suggesting easy, agreeable, sweet, practical, pleasant, favorable. This pose is invaluable to
stretching the piriformis muscle that is lodged in the center buttock. It is also a good preventative pose for sciatic pain. Next to padmasana, it is best for balancing the hips and sacro-iliac region.

Place a 1-2″ pad under both of your sits bones. Sit with the legs crossed, with the feet one thigh bone distant away from the hip. Feet directly under the knees. Raise your spine upward, lifting upward from the top of your hip
Then go forward resting your head to a support or to the floor. Aim your breath and blood directly into the center pelvis. Stay for 1-3 minutes.


  • Supta Sukhasana
  • Sukhasana at the wall
  • Sukhasana twisting
  • Sukhasana forward bending with side bend
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