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Asana/Anatomy Focus

Groundhog Asana (Bhuvarahasana)

It is deemed in the 9th century treatise on yoga, the Bhur Varaha Shastra, that February 2nd is a highly auspicious day to practice yoga. It is a remarkable coincidence that in the West we celebrate Groundhog day, for the Groundhog asana (Bhuvarahasana) is detailed in this ancient text. The Sanskrit is difficult to decipher, but the following cues are a heretofore unpublished description of the Groundhog pose (or its variation in India the “Boar of the Earth” posture.) It is best to practice outdoor in the morning on a very empty stomach.


Strengthens the arches of the feet
Reduces lethargy in the legs
Tones the abdomen and waist
Builds a strong and stable spine
Aligns with the Power of the Sun (like the classic Suryanamaskara, Sun Salutation)

Low Blood Pressure
Thyroid Conditions
Hyper sensitivity to the Sun


  • Come to a standing position on exhale (like the groundhog emerging from its den)
  • Bend knees slightly, drop your tail downward, avoid tucking tail
  • Spread toe-claws without gripping the earth
  • Spread abdomen, make belly wide
  • Sense a low center of gravity
  • On inhale raise upper sternum, spread collar bones
  • Lift lower mandible upward toward sky
  • on exhale look over right shoulder for shadow
  • on exhale look over left shoulder for shadow
  • if shadow is present make be-line back for burrow: lie down immediately for 6 weeks in savasana

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