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“I Can’t Breathe…”

We all recognize these words from the horror of George Floyd’s killing caught on video May 25th. This is such a travesty for in our line of work,  we build up the breath.  Rather than take away breath, our mission is to enhance the gift of breath, to nurture the prana that sustains us all. Everyone is deserving of the breath of life. Whether  black or white, gay or straight, Republican or Democrat, Christian or Muslim, the prana is the same. It doesn’t choose sides, it has no bias or partiality. The life force, the prana, is without characteristics. Prana doesn’t discriminate. Prejudice is small minded. Racial discrimination is only to see the surface. It is blind to the power of the prana. This is why we  believe Black Lives Matter. Each of us is endowed with the gift of prana and we vow not to harm it, steal it or violate it in any way. This is our vow. We honor the life force for it is sacred. Our good work is to protect it and to amplify it. May each of us realize that my essential prana is not different from yours. We are the same despite being different in appearance. We vow to care of and safeguard each other and most of all, to do no harm.

With deep love,
Tias and Surya

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