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How can I discover the style of teaching I would be best at?

Yoga has had a profound effect on my life and I’m drawn more and more to sharing it with others through teaching. I’ve traveled and moved a lot and have been blessed with experiencing a great variety of teachers and styles. But when it comes to teaching on my own, I’m confused and don’t know how to get focused. Sometimes I long to have studied for a long while with one teacher, and carry on a distinct tradition, but it was not the reality of my path. How can I discover the style of teaching I would be best at, or is most needed?

Hi Anne,

The most effective teachers teach from their own material, from study and practice that they have synthesized and incorporated into their sadhana (daily practice). To that end, a teachers’ best material comes directly from their own home practice. Through repetition, trial and error, experimentation, cutting and pasting, an experienced teacher will teach from their own internal understanding of the postures, the meditations, the sutras etc.
With that said, it is key to tap into teachings that are structurally sound, safe and intelligent. I am inter-disciplinary in my approach to learning and in my approach to teaching. This makes for a rich weave of material. The key is the process of synthesizing information about the practice and then being able to deliver it in fresh and coherent ways. Preach what you practice!

Best in the dharma


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