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Afternoons with Tias & Surya | The Hip Joint Elixir

June 7 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


The name for the hip socket in Greek translates as “wine cup.” In this class we “press”, twist, rotate, and squeeze the hips to generate fluidity in the spine. This helps pump spinal fluid up the spine and around the brain, fluid that the yoga texts liken to a divine elixir.

Given that the ligaments and tendons that hold the hip in place are some of the strongest in the body, we take care to slowly open the hip joints, beginning with simple rotations and leading up to more complex hip releases.

This is a unique opportunity to work with both Tias and Surya in the beautiful setting of the Prajna Temple. In the midst of an all too busy life, each class is like a mini retreat. Classes are small and students receive individual attention. The three hour time frame allows students to submerse in the teachings in a way that is not possible in shorter studio classes. Immerse with us on the Prajna Temple grounds for an afternoon of deep practice, meditation, and sangha sharing. Take an afternoon to drop into deep practice for your body, mind, and spirit. Each immersion will restore, educate and revitalize.


Cost: $65 + tax

Where: Prajna Yoga, Santa Fe NM

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