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Black History: More Than a Month

During the March on Washington a crowd stretches from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument

Black History: More Than a Month

In the US and in Canada, the month of February is observed dedicated to acknowledging the achievements of Black individuals and groups throughout our history. Here at Prajna Yoga, we feel that Black History is more than a month. It is an integral part of our entire history as a nation, as Americans and as individuals. Below are a few resources to learn more about just a few of the change makers throughout our history and in current times forging the path for the future of our country and all people.

The Undefeated: 44 Most Influential Black Americans in History

26 History-Making Black Americans Everyone Should Know National Geographic for Kids: African American Heroes Black History Milestones

23 Black leaders who are shaping history today – CNBC The Root: The Most Influential African Americans of 2020 (a pivotal year in our history)

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