Prajna Live | Light on Alternate Nostril Breath


In this class we use the whole body to exercise alternate nostril breathing, linking the right “solar” side of the body with the right nostril and the left “lunar” side with the left nostril. By alternating the pathway of the breath, we harmonize the solar and lunar, active and passive, and right and left brain hemispheres in all poses.

Live class begins at 10:00am MT

Cost: $18

  • Have your props handy! We recommend two blocks, blankets, a thick bolster, an 8’ or 10’ belt/strap, and a backless chair (modifications will be given if you do not have a chair). We recommend and Manduka for props; backless chairs can be found on Amazon and Etsy.
  • Please note that all classes are in Mountain Time.
  • Can’t join us at 10am MT because of your schedule or time zone? We’ve got you covered! Reserve your seat and all class recordings will be emailed to you with 10 days access.


Dec 15 2023


10:00 am - 11:30 am

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