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Strange Wonder

Transitioning from a routine of certainty to a place of not knowing is an arduous and daunting task. At some point, the spiritual path requires a leap into the unknown outside the framework of the familiar. Moving into unchartered territory demands that we trust, have courage, and be willing to take a leap of faith. When we relinquish having to know and open ourselves to something just outside our grasp, we enter a strange wonder, an anonymous space, full of mystery. In the quiet hours when stillness and peace bathe each and every cell and synapse of our being, we connect to an energy source that sustains everything. When we hush our anxious, doubt-filled mind and rest in not knowing, an invisible, latent energy is made available…

Please enjoy a new dharma talk from Tias entitled The Great Paradox: the Power in Not Knowing, alongside this meditation: Finding Strength in the Midst of Uncertainty.

May these recordings help guide you through these unsettled times.
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In Faith,

Tias & the Prajna Yoga Team

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