Prajna Live | Tibialis Anterior | Online Practice

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - This muscle along the front of the shin provides ROM to the ankle and arch of the foot. Through direct pressure, stretching, and strengthening of this muscle we increase agility in the lower leg.

Home Grown: Designing a Home Practice | Online Immersion

TIAS & SURYA LITTLE ONLINE - This course helps establish a home practice ideal for your age, lifestyle, health history and structural limitations. This immersion lays the foundation for you to build a consistent home practice weaving together meditation/contemplation, somatic movement, and yoga posture.

Prajna Live | Adductor Magnus | Online Practice

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - Known as the “fifth hamstring,” this muscle is the most powerful of the inner groins. In this class we explore connection to the mid line, while strengthening and lengthening this key muscle.

Prajna Live | Rectus Abdominus | Online Practice

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - This muscle is known as the “six-pack abs.” In this class we follow subtle cues to gain more sensitivity and suppleness of the rectus abdominus without causing strain.

Prajna Live | Bicep | Online Practice

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - In this class we engage the bicep by pumping, spiraling, stretching, and weight bearing in order to bring freedom of movement to the arm, upper ribs, and shoulders.

The Art and Soul of the Chakras | Online Immersion

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - In this special course you will embody the archetypal potency of each chakra, relevant to your own personal history. Through asana, sound resonance, visualization, and meditation we activate each of the vital energy centers throughout the body.

SATYA 2 | Online Immersion

TIAS LITTLE ONLINE - In SATYA 2, you will learn more complex sequencing, more nuanced variations of movement, and more about the physiological benefits.

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