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Earth Day Offering

The one source that brings us together, beyond our private preferences and our cultural and political divisions, is the earth we walk on. It is the very source of our living breath, our blood, and the calcium matrix within our bones. This day is a day to celebrate and cherish not only the wind and clouds and droplets of morning dew, but the four legged, the spiders and the centipedes and all that walks, wriggles, expands, contracts, pulses and throbs. We celebrate all that communicates through humming, buzzing, cooing, screeching and cawing.
You see today (and every sequential day ahead) calls out to us to position the earth before ourselves. When we put aside all of our wants and needs— to make more, to consume more, and to assume domain over– we work in service of our jewel like planet. For thousands of years, migrating tribes and agricultural communities have made ritual sacrifices, communed in prayer, and built dedicated halls to pay homage to the riches of the earth. On this Earth Day, we leave ourselves behind and enter into the earthen kiva, the mountain cave, or sit at the river’s edge to bask in the power of the great Gaia. Today, cast a song to the wind and let your prayer flags flutter with the good intention to work in service of all beings animate and inanimate.

In service of the health of the earth, Prajna Yoga donates to these foundations. Please join us by offering your time or money!

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