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Maha Mudra — Great Seal


  • Sit on folded blanket with sole of right foot inside left thigh.
  • Place a strap on the left foot and hold with two hands.
  • Pull on the strap to incline and extend the spine so the chest comes over the
    upper middle thigh.
  • Gather tails of the strap and draw the shoulders back and down.
  • With the arms straight, push the foot and thigh together.
  • Raise the chest and chin.
  • Maintain the expanse of the chest as you lower the chin from between the

Three Stages of Practice:

  • Stage 1: Once in position, be aware of your natural breathing.
  • Stage 2: Press the back of the left thigh down, and observe the left of the
    abdominal organs and the freedom of the diaphragm.
  • Final stage:
    • Exhale completely and inhale into the chest.
    • Keep the eyes and face relaxed.
    • While gently retaining the breath, press the foot and thigh together to lift the pelvic floor and draw the organs up and back.
    • Slowly and without strain while keeping the extension of spine and lift of the chest, release breath and the pelvic and abdominal grips.
    • Repeat up to 3 to 6 cycles.
    • Inhale, raise the head, and repeat on the second side.


maha-mudra2 maha-mudra1


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