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Wintery Night Creamy Parsnip Soup from Surya!

This is the perfect savory soup to warm your body to the core on a cold wintery night! This soup uses the Ayurvedic technique of tarka. Tarka is most easily translated as tempering. Whole or ground spices are briefly roasted in oil or ghee in order to release their essential …

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Mother’s Day Muesli

Mother’s Day Muesli One of my favorite morning foods from my earlier years in Switzerland was muesli. In the springtime, plant-based foods help to support yoga practice and keep the body light and energized. This light breakfast will give you energy for the whole day. Soak your muesli for several …

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Blackberry “Cheese” Cake

Valentine’s Treat This desert is an inspiration from my youth, a most yummy cheesecake! This recipe is all plant based and uses non- dairy ingredients to create a colorful and creamy decadent dessert to indulge your sensual palate this Valentine’s Day. May this treat bring your heart joy this Valentine’s …

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Surya’s Holiday Thumbprint Cookies

Here is a favorite of mine, a holiday yummy to bring sweet taste to your tongue and comfort to your belly.  The cinnamon and cardamom spices will warm your body, invigorate your blood and enliven your senses. Enjoy and happy holidays! Love and light, Surya SURYA’S HOLIDAY THUMBPRINT COOKIES   …

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Wild Mushroom Soup

Wild Mushroom Soup is a powerful infusion of herbs and spices to enjoy this solstice. Recent scientific studies have shown that wild mushrooms provide a boost of nutrients to support your immune system. They have an abundance of antioxidants (that help fight cancer) and are a great source of vitamin …

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Lentil Walnut Pâté

Lentil Walnut Pâté Makes about 3 cups, 8 – 10 appetizer-sized servings Miso, umeboshi paste and mirin can all be found in hippy health food stores/Whole Foods in the Asian foods aisle, or at Asian (Japanese) markets. Look for miso that is stored in the refrigerator rather than shelf stable, …

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This soup is one of my favorites and offers the quintessential savory taste for the fall. At the turn of the season when the air is suddenly nippy and your body can lose its heat, this warming soup builds boosts vitality and stamina.  Miso, kombu, and shitake mushrooms have been used as traditional medicine remedies …

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Chocolate Raspberry Tart

This recipe is quite simple to make, and it’s vegan and nut & gluten-free without sacrificing anything in the taste department! The natural sweetness of the raspberries balances the natural bitterness of the cacao. If you can’t find 100% cacao paste (not cacao/cocoa powder – that has actually had the cacao butter removed from it), then …

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Kabocha Squash Soup

Taste of Fall The luminous glow of the grinning pumpkin face on the porch, reminds me of my favorite gourd, straight off the vine. That’s the Kabocha. It offers the quintessential taste of the fall. Kabocha has a dull -finish and deep- green skin  that is edible.  On the inside, …

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