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You Don’t Have to Prove Yourself

It is funny how we spend a lifetime trying to prove ourselves. We go for the grade, strive to be successful, do all we can to be liked. We all want to appear good in the eyes of others. When you look back, it is astonishing how much time you have invested over the years, struggling to prove you are worthy. What does it really mean to “prove yourself”? The reality is that it is an impossible task, for there is no solid self to prove.

Finding Inner Peace

The self is a collection of impressions, traits, habits, influences and ideas. We make ourselves crazy, running around in circles, trying to prove something that has never in fact existed. This makes for all kinds of trouble. It leads to confusion, distortion and bad digestion. Yet we spend a lifetime trying to gain the approval of others. If only we could realize that we have nothing to prove, that we need not convince anyone of our worth and that we are entire just as we are. When you stop looking outward for validation, you come home to the peace of who are and can walk freely through the world.

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