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Track Sampler of “Fire In The Heart: Prajna Yoga Chants”


Historically, the art of Sanskrit chant was the avenue in which the ancient teachings of yoga were passed. Through Fire in the Heart, you may heighten your daily yoga practice and awaken the sacred sounds within. Chant along with Surya and Tias Little and learn the accurate pronunciation and meaning of the devotional chants and mantras of India. Enclosed is a booklet so you may practice the 26 divine chants to incorporate the resounding power of prayer for Shanti.

26 songs, 41 minutes

Please listen to a sampler of our new CD, “Fire In the Heart: Prajna Yoga Chants” by Surya & Tias Little. You may purchase the CD from the Prajna Store here on our website. Enjoy!

Fire In The Heart Sampler

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