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Time & Space are the Greatest Healers

Cosmologists, physicists, architects, and yogis know that time and space are indivisible. They hold the potential for all being and becoming. In the chakra system, time and space occupy exquisitely fine openings within the skull. Space exists in the vestibule of the inner ear. Time is associated with the invisible third eye, one that never opens or closes. In the daily round, urgent to get things done, people typically feel scrunched by space and short on time. This shrink-wraps the fascia, constricts the diaphragm, purses the throat and squeezes the brain.
In yoga, it is known that time and space are limitless, defined only by the constraints we put upon ourselves. For this reason, states of sleep and dream are put into practice, where the parameters of time and space are not fixed. In the depths of meditation, it is possible to abide in the timeless, known as the mahakala, the “Great Time”, unpunctuated by seconds, minutes, hours, and days. In the Zen literature of China it is said, “make this very moment 10,000 years.”  When we abide in the timeless realm, we experience unbounded awareness. Like time and space, awareness is beyond measure. Calculation, thought and opinion divvy up awareness, but big mind and big heart have no sides, angles, edges or seams.
So each day, spend one or two hours in undivided awareness. In deep practice, drop into the Great Space outside of any formulation. Become timeless with no before or after. Rest in naked awareness, beyond old or young, back or front, inner or outer. For it is here that the deepest healing occurs.
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