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This Gracious World

It’s all starting to wind down, like a top that has been spinning a thousand years, then slows to a wobble and comes to a sudden stop. For too many days we have been bustling along, head down, keeping pace to hardware algorithms not our own. We have been wandering in ignorance, clinging to what we have, clawing for more. Can we slow the relentless scramble to make more of ourselves? Can we dare to be simple and let this day be enough?
When we stop pressing ourselves against the world, we discover we need less, want less and appreciate more. Take this time—here, now—to bask in the joy of just being, to let it soak under your skin. It is when we drop the buzz of urgency that we can finally see the ground beneath us and take refuge in the raw beauty of the world—the shape of the big oak tree, the rolling flight of the raven, the taste of morning tea. There comes a time to unfasten your buckle, empty your pockets and create room for wonderment, reverie, and lasting peace.
How gracious the world is, just as it is! Raise a glass to the sparkled light, toast the good, great god all around. Dine on both the savory and the sweet. Let the taste on your tongue last the rest of your life.
Alchemy + Aim