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The Zen of Oz

A Zen Moment of Awakening and Discovery

It all started when Toto pulled back the curtain and revealed nothing but a puny man pulling on his levers. It was a very Zen moment– the bald head, the long black coat, the no God. After the trauma, getting banged on the head and spun around dizzy, the promise is that you too can drop down into a land full of color. The journey is replete with frights, wicked schemes, upside-down moments and plenty of quirky characters.

The Illusion of Seeking And Rediscovering Yourself

It is all a reminder that you need not go to some exotic land to find what you’ve had all along. Aren’t we all too preoccupied with getting to some big prize at the end of the long and winding road?  Realize that the whole ordeal is like a movie, a dream, a sleight of hand. The old texts have made this clear since time immemorial. Most people keep falling asleep, lulled by the drug of the day. Should you feel that the great and powerful is outside of yourself you are instantly lost, caught up in monkey mind.
When you realize there is no Oz behind the curtain, no single god at the helm you can be with each glorious thing. You can let yourself be found by the world. Take courage that you need not anything more than you already have.
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