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The Spin of Time

We woke today an hour younger as our clocks set backward at midnight. It is a bonus to gain an extra hour of sleep. But how exactly are we “saving time?” Is time a thing that can be saved? Daylight Savings Time is a good reminder that time is a made up thing. Who calls the shots to turn time anyway? Can we really turn back time?  There is always the now, whether you are on Greenwich Mean Time, South African Time, or Pacific Time.  In “real time” we share the same time and that time is arising now. How can you say that time is old or young? How can you say that time is backward or forward? Long or short? Past or future? Time is boundless and has no edge or seam.
The Greeks had two words for time, one called chronos or watch time, and the other kairos, or being time. Can we connect to a time that transcends  time zones and “daylight savings”? As it is said in Zen “make this very moment 10,000 years”.
Time is unchanging and immeasurable. It is ironic that we change our clocks forward and back only twice a year. In our practice we reset our mind-body clocks daily in order to be in the present and wake up to the flow of the now.
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