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The Light Within The Dark

In a time that cracks and splinters everywhere around, when vile men
lose their minds in pursuit of gold, oil and fame,
when the very ground you walk on trembles
from windstorms and earthquakes, when trepidation wakes you at 3AM
and your faith in humanity is on trial,
you must do the one thing that
will save you from darkness and despair–
you must enter the cave of the heart,
breathe in the fragrance of the night and belong to the enormity of silence.
Stop forming so many words, step outside the machinations of man
and be sustained by that which has existed since time immemorial.
Here there is nothing pressing you forward or pulling you back.
Know this world as a circus of cause and effect, war and peace, birth and death,
where blind men with belligerent pride lead us on to carnage and ruin.
When you open your eyes to the light within the dark
your love gets deeper, wider and stronger.
See through the pain of this world and belong to it, no end in sight.
Alchemy + Aim