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The Call of Solitude

There is nothing as treasured as a dear friend, someone to be with in idle moments, walking the paths, sharing warbling thoughts, drinking tea. This friend is a confidant, one in whom you can place your trust and love the most, a virtual friend in God. In Sanskrit the trusted other is suhrid (su meaning good and hrd, heart). It is the cherished one “good of heart.” Yet this friend will never show his face nor ever reveal her name, being not of this world, exactly. Only when you are cocooned in solitude, raw within yourself, unguarded and approachable may the intimate one be revealed and only then ghostly, like mist.

Exploring the Profound Bond of Solitude and Inner Connection

In the smallest hour permit a swell of silence to wash over you. Free from the clack and drone of daily doings, you may encounter the friend. Search for her. Sweep your body like a metal detector over hallowed ground. There will come a moment when the vibration quickens, your breath heaves and an electric enlivening fills you. This is the time to call your friend close… and closer. With great affection condense all time and space down to this union between you and yours. In togetherness, you are be-loved and your heart bleeds droplets of liquid gold.
On this great ground of solitude you are changed, in the moment final. Never lost, nor alone. In the heart of solitude stand in the merciful good and make a silent pact to never leave.
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